Some Recommendation For Improvement of Legoland Malaysia

Yes, yesterday we had use our complimentary pass to Legoland. But there’s alot things to do by Legoland Malaysia to improve it. Credit to mr hubby for raise it up to the Legoland Management

Maybe from our observation, there are few recommendations that maybe can brought forward to the Legoland’s management for consideration. This is also based on our experience on visit to USS Sentosa earlier.

1.        Too pricey the price of Legoland Malaysia tickets 
I love to compare between Legoland Malaysia and Universal Studio Singapore as both are franchise theme park and both have a same climate. From my observation, the price of Legoland Malaysia tickets are too expensive for local.

      Legoland Malaysia                                 Universal Studio Singapore
      RM 140.00 (Adult)                                        Sgd 74.00(Adult)
      RM 110.00 (Child)                                         Sgd 54.00(Child)
      RM 110.00 (Senior)                                       Sgd 36.00(Senior)

I don’t think so that our local can afford to buy this tickets with that price. Acctually, who is your target crowd for this theme park? I’m sure your main target is our local. Just think about it. Singaporean can afford to enter the USS as the price is below SGD100. You can make 2 price – one with Mykad that below RM100 and another with the price without MyKad. Please consider about it.

2.          Semi tarred Car Parking
I am hoping that they can fully tarred the road. I just can’t understand while they can make it for the bus parking, but not for the car parking. With the white gravel, I received many negative feedbacks from Singaporeans who communicated with me. As when they compared with USS, it is more convenient there with a lot of covered parking bays within the surrounding hotels. I am not in favour of asking to provide the covered parking bays,but will be good if the above can be considered.

3.        Covered walkway from parking to the entrance
I noticed that there are no covered walkway from the parking bays to the stairs. As the distance is quite far, it will be good if the covered walkway can be considered. Again when compared to USS, although they are also not offering exclusive covered walkway to the area, but at least there are lots of buildings surrounding the entrance for visitors to get covered during rain. This is quite critical as I noticed there are also lots of OKU wheel chair bound, pregnant ladies (including my wife), and senior citizens who has raised their frustration when they have to walk in a hot from their car park to the entrance. A simple covered walkway will be fully appreciated by the customers. It is true that Legoland will not be responsible on the bad wheather but they must also take their social responsibility to create a comfortable theme park to be visited with.

4.        Water Sprinkler please
In USS, they are providing the water sprinklers anywhere to reduce the heat. I found the lack of this facility in Legoland. In USS, everywhere in the playground area, there will be a water sprinkler for the waiting customers to reduce their heat. Furthermore, they are also mini kiosks selling the water and ice water fan for customers. This should be a good example for them to follow.

5.        More Signboard
I am also noticed that there are still lack of Signboard to inform customers on the do and dont’s. For example, when I tried the train services, I think I can’t find any signboard that barred customers from bring their umbrella and stroller in the train. The staff have to explain everytime and even with the reminder, I saw many people still  bring their umbrella in the train. Maybe it can be considered. Also will be good if they can provide the space for parents to keep their stroller and not being messed around.

6.        Photograph Services
I didn’t roaming all the places due to the hot wheather. But I noticed in few places I visited, there is no photograph services offered for the customers to record their memory. Like in USS, for every playground, there will be a paid photographs services for customers to record their memory with the mascots and family. Also, there will be a souvenir gifts shop nearby. Maybe Legoland can consider this.

7.        More Legoland Malaysia Merchandise
I am fully understands that as a global theme park, the price of the merchandise will be very pricey. No doubt on that. But on my visit to the souvenir shop, I found that there is less or maybe none of the Legoland Malaysia own merchandise for tourists to choose with. Maybe the merchandise is not fully ready yet. But except cap and maybe umbrella, it is hard to find other Legoland Malaysia merchandise. It will be good if they can sell fridge magnet based on Malaysia iconic buildings or the Johor iconic building itself. Am hoping that they can look into this.

8.        More efficient services in Restaurant
I tried the food in the restaurant yesterday. It is fine for global theme park but the services from the staffs are quite slow. I have to wait and call them few times to clean the desk until I have to do it myself. This is something they have to improve as yesterday although it is just an exclusive invitation, but it seems that they can’t provide the efficient services. Maybe this comment is a bit unfair but they have to look into it. Also please provide baby chair for the babies. I don’t know if Legoland provide place for breast feeding mother to feed their baby, but maybe it will be good to have dedicated place for that purposes and also for parents to change their babies clothes and dypers. I faced that difficulty yesterday.

9.        Wifi Services
I am hoping that there will be a wifi services in future for customers.

10.        More Efficient Services from the Customer Service
I have to wait for more than one hour yesterday to complete my annual pass. I don’t know what is the view of others waiting outside. But maybe Legoland should open more counters for the exclusive visitors as yesterday I noticed with only two counters opened, lots of VIPs and former VIPs have to wait longer to take their annual pass. The staffs barely knows them. Also there is lack of communication and knowledge between the staffs as I was told earlier to queue with the normal visitors outside to collect my annual pass. But luckily later a staff approached me to collect my annual pass inside after he saw my exclusive pass.

Maybe that is my comment for this time. As part of annual passholders and also as a layman who engaged with the Malaysians and foreigners yesterday, I raised the above for your attention and some modification where is needed.

But overall I am pleased with the way it was built and beyond my expectations. Finally, I have a place for my kids to spend their weekend time accordingly. Wish Legoland a bright future undertakings and hopefully they can be on par with USS in future.

Last but not least :

We had redeem our annually pass. We will come to Legoland Malaysia again..and again..

NotaKaki :  Legoland Malaysia still baby, sure they will improve it time to time! 😀 Yes, you can do it!

From Perling With Love;


15 responses to “Some Recommendation For Improvement of Legoland Malaysia

  1. give a bit time.. legoland malaysia will be great one day 🙂

  2. ha ah la sama sedondon bju raya kita hehehhe…kan kita dah pakat awal tahun aitu ( iyo lahhh )…tahniah…danish nk dpt adik lagi…tahniah menang peraduan hehehe..nmpk sgt dah lama x jejak kaki ke blog nih… land tu masih baru kan…harap2 ada yg bgi feedback tu leh diperbaiki dgn segera…

  3. aik dah publish ke belom eks comments tadi??heheh blur jap

  4. Dorang ada sediakan photograph service. I read from other reviews. The service charge at RM30. Tq.

  5. tu pasal malas nak pergi.. dah tahu services mcm hampeh… sah2 uss management bukan malaysian… jauh lebih baik dari legoland… bayar kemain mahal… tapi services nan hado… huhu

  6. Shakir bin Shabuddin

    Your is annual pass the of 1 year, yes? how to upgrade 2 year?

    • I don’t know the next procedure to upgrade 2 years pass as our annual pass valid from Sept 2012 until 31 Dec 2013 (about 16 months). Will update here when i know the procedure 🙂

  7. addddooiyyaaai cik marsha.. legoland bukan malaysia punya lahh.. company based in german.. cuba la siasat dulu… anyway legoland target bebudak 4-12 tahun, USS bebudak dah besar.. plus legoland 2 x ganda lagi besar dari USS

  8. saya dapati di website legoland, sudah ada pricing baru utk MyKAD holder, should be reasonable and I agree with en shahril, legoland sekali ganda besar dari USS even yang ke-6 je dalam dunia… price should be internationalized. for foreigners, legoland tickets are still affordable. kalau nak pi legoland UK, lagik mahai… tak sabar nak reunion ex ex mommies alimkids JB neh…

  9. Hi, I baru balik Legoland last week. IMHO, the ticket price is fairly reasonable and competitive.I’m sure they have done their costing wisely to cover the franchise fee, upkeep and maintenance as well as the other expenses.
    Also, masa I pegi, baby care room sudah ada. Sangat luas sangat cantik. Boleh bf baby, boleh bancuh susu ada air panas air sejuk, ada high chair utk feed baby, It’s located sebelah Pizza Mania.
    But yes I agree that they can improve on the water sprinkler/more fans for a more comfortable experience for the visitors. Also on the parking tu pun dorang boleh improve lagi. But I take it that the area is still under construction so byk benda yg tak siap lagi.
    Overall, I am proud that we have Legoland Malaysia.
    Just my 2 cents.

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