Today is our 4th Anniversary!

To my husband, Happy Anniversary, my love!

Love you more for  each day as time goes by.

Thank you for being so understanding me since 4 years back. I’ll try not to be too much demanding, or give you any trouble throughout our journey (I try my best dear to not so fussy and too much mumbling :p).

Thanks  for always beside me whenever i need you. 

AriffMaria after solemnization. (really miss this great moments!)

AriffMaria after 4 years. So chubby kan both of us! It’s show we on happy mode (hope it will lasting forever and ever…amin!)

Hadiah for him today…apa ek?





My gift – Acctually nak Red Tie as I knew my hubby don’t have Red Tie within his Tie Collection. But yet, Mr Noel tuh call cakap yang ada just grey color. Ok la kan.. hadiah tuh tak penting..but ingatan tuh paling utama (huhuhu, nak sodapkan ati sebenarnya). Hope Mr Noel Gift  deliver la my gift to him this evening (a simple gift). Nak grand nyer..balik umah meh :p

NotaKaki : 4th Anniversary = Ayah+Ibu+Ecah+Anish. Adakah 5th Anniversary tahun depan perlukan penambahan ahli lagi? hmmm :p

From Perling With Love;


11 responses to “Today is our 4th Anniversary!

  1. Hartinie Apaidi

    Taniah intan & arif, moga kekal selamanya & berbahagia…

  2. happy anniversary dear, moga ikatan suci berkekalan dan dirahmatiNYA amin~~~~

  3. Marianna Mansor

    Happy ANniversary Intan & HUsband..smoga berbahgia slalu…n have lots of babies coming!..hehe

  4. happy anniv!

  5. Baby Nadra Mama

    hepi anniversary dear.. may both of ur lives with utmost happiness for always.. 🙂

  6. happy anniversary intan.. smoga berkekalan hendaknya…

  7. ep anibeseri to both of you! smg kekal bahagia sepjg hayat…

    biasa la tu dah kawin sure body dua2 naik..keh3

  8. happy 4th anniversary maria!!

  9. Happy 4th Anniversary!!! semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke hujung nyawa..=D

  10. happy anniversary babe….

  11. happy 4th anniversary maria!

    cantik baju kawin tu…

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