3rd Anniversary of AriffMaria’s

This wednesday (18.08.2010) will be my 3rd wedding anniversary with my the only one hubby, Mohamad Ariff Md Mohid. Wishing that our marriage will last till the end of our lives & we will maintain our love like the day we declare our love. Amin.

To my hubby :

I could search my whole life through and through and never find another you

Love you forever deep inside my heart!

NotaKaki : Picture-picture ni, more than flahback balik “Saat kuterima Nikahnya”..huhuhuhu, mood jiwang gak la ni. Sekejap jek dah 3 tahun bersama and i’allah nak masuk 2 anak bulan Oktober nanti. Terima kasih tuhan atas kurniaan ini …


4 responses to “3rd Anniversary of AriffMaria’s

  1. taniah kak..semga kekal bahagia ke akhr hyt!

  2. happy anniversarry to both of u!

  3. hepi enibeseri untuk kak maria n en.somi.. semoga bertambah berseri2 lagi family pasni k..

  4. syima mama kyra

    hepi anibeseri ti maria and ariff 🙂

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