Here’s the SIMPLE steps…

1. Find your BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too) – (DONE!)

Our Cuti2 Malaysia @ Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
Just 3 of Us : Mommy Ecah + Daddy Ecah + Baby Ecah
2. Blog about it with the title “MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST” (other title will be disqualified) – (DONE!)

3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to this contest page. – (DONE!)


4. Add our contest banner on your blog’s sidebar/top page (DONE!)

5. Be MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all) – (DONE!)

6. Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified) – (DONE!)
NotaKaki : Hehehe…minggu ni minggu contest, minggu rajin aku masuk contest. Kekawan yang nak join this contest, silakan ye coz date line MOBS END YEAR CONTEST ni 28 December 2009. Mari..mari..mari..kita tgk sapa yang kena!!

8 responses to “MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST

  1. Hi sis, thanks for joining MOBS contest. Sha dah chk… semua ckp syarat… good luck ya !!

    🙂 Sha of MOBS

  2. salam kenal dr mumy jugak…all the best!

  3. Salam Intanmaria,
    gud luck to u too…

  4. thats a great pic too! Good luck k..

  5. wah.. minggu join contest erk.. nk try jugak ar mcm nie.. 😛

    Anyway best wishes of luck to u..

  6. Salam ziarah mommy maria.

    Good luck to u too dear!! mommamia follow u on twitter.

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