Maria’s Florist….

Hello friends,

I have just started an Online Flower Shop ( ). is a local florist in Malaysia delivering nationwide for all seasons. I am sure you can find a prefect flower gift for that special someone from a wide range of fresh flower bouquets, elegant flower baskets, delicious cakes and unique gift products.

Regardless of the sentiment you want to express, you can always say it with flowers. What better way to say “I love you” than with a bouquet of fragrant flowers? We make it easy to surprise your sweetheart on all occasions. Visit my Online Flower Shop now at:

We take pride in our experienced florist, attentive customer service and reliable delivery team. Try us out today and do let your friends know about this Online Flower Shop!

Best regards,

nak hantar bunga ke, cake ke, kepada orang tersayang, especially for Mothers Day this May 10, tapi saja jek kan nak buat suprise? ehem, visit ….everything there.. Pasti puas hati. ops…all over the malaysia and world can delivery it.


7 responses to “Maria’s Florist….

  1. Nope, hantar diri… Cuba buat sst yang mak tak sangka…. Contohnya, bawa dia pergi saloon, and decorate (eh betul ke ayat nih) sesuka hati, n bawa pegi dinner… Uhuhuhuhu

  2. kuikuikuikuikuiui..
    off course la dear.
    but if budak2 yang dok study over the sea..
    macamano la nak balik ..
    atleast..ada gak tanda ingatan….. Read more

    apo la hang ni..

  3. Uh uh… silap la plak baca… Nguahahah

  4. Farizah Zainal Abidin

    wah so nice…

  5. woaahhh.. bestnyaaa.. boleh order utk birtday QIla ni.. hehe

  6. woaahhh.. bestnye.. boleh tempah utk birthday Qila nanti… ehehe

  7. boleh..order la banyak2 bunga..
    mesti meriah besday qila kan sayang..

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