JSIC@Taman Negara Endau Rompin

The Johore State government promote his destination as "Taman Negara". This sometimes confuses visitors as to the location of this National Park. Officially, there exist 2 National Parks and countless number of Forest Parks in peninsula Malaysia. The larger one is at the borders of Pahang, Trenggannu and Pahang. The largest area being in Pahang. The second better known to outsiders as "Endau-Rompin" is shared by Pahang and Johore State.

The main entrance and also the visitors center is in the Johore State. All together there are 3 entrances. This main one plus one in the west, also in Johore state at Bekok. The third is better known as Rompin enters the park area from the east.

The 2 lesser used entrances takes visitors to different parts of the Park. They do not meet up at all any point.

The official entrance, coming from the south, starts a few kilometers east of a small settlement Kahang. From there a dirt track of 56 kilometers passes through Palm oil plantations for 32 kilometers/ Then comes the boundary of the National Park. After this point, the rest of the driving takes visitors past pristine forest dotted with droppings from the marauding Elephants. The dirt track is broad and hard, good for all weather. Many portions of the road through the plantations and National Park were previously paved. Depending on the timing of maintenance carried out, driving a family sedan the whole way should not be a problem at all. With the sort of off road conditions, it is best to budget about 80 minutes for the drive.

Accommodation in the park is excellent. You have the choice of chalets, family house, dormitory, A-tents and camps. Not only there is a large choice but also the fact that they are available at many favorite spots within the park where you could choose from. Of course, structures that cater for the crowd are found only in the Visitors Center or the Educational Center, known as the NERC.
Meals and refreshments are available in the 2 canteens in the Visor Center and NERC. There are facilities in Kuala Jason where you could prepare your own meals. The canteen operating a a fixed price basis is open till 10.00 pm.

Some of the highlights or preferred destinations that most visitors had planned for are:-
Upih Guling Falls, which derived its name from an Orang Asli legend, is the best place to go for a swim and underwater fun. The cascades gush and spray downwards but some pools are not very deep or tricky. Several natural “bath tubs” are found surrounding the fall area, formed by tiny pebbles whirled round and round by the force of water over millions of years.
Scenic sights:- the Blue Lagoon, relatively to reach sites with breath taking beauty.

Palm Forest- See that unique "Fan Leaves" Palm [livistona endauensis] along Sungei Anak Jasin. A plant endemic to this region.

Botany trail – Hike up the hills, especially Gunong Janning Barat. Then see the change in vegetation in relation to the altitude. Some of the are more unique plants like climbing bamboo [ Rhopa coblaste] with its feathery like fronds, a "walking stick" palm [Pyschorapis singaporansis], fragrant plant [mussaendra mutabilis] and a long list of many more, not readily encountered elsewhere.

Hiking – Quite a few hills, all around 700-800 meters high. Gunong Janning, Gunong Janning Barat and Gunong Pertawai Enjoy the tropical forest and the climb here.

Nature Study – there is the NERC to assist you along. Engage yourself in activities like Insect light trap, night walk, Hydro-biology and tree identifications.

Understanding Culture – Visit the Orang Asli Village of Kampong Peta to see blow pipe and animal trap demonstration. Or you could climb to the sacred site of Padang Temambong.

We really enjoy this trip to Endau Rompin Forest, and hope, i will share those activities with my love fiance as my honeymoon vacation….are u sure, intanmaria? 
THE END..hehehehe

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